I'm 9 years old. My favorite color is hot pink. I started this blog because I really wanted to make cards. I saw Mommy do it all the time and it looked pretty fun. My mom told me I could have my very own blog and I'm so excited that I did it! It's all because of Mommy <3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Hambo Stamps Cards

For the ice cream man stamp, I colored it with colors that matched and blended in.  I outlined almost everything with yellow.  I put Mommy's favorite paper as the line in the middle.  I didn't have room at the bottom for the sentiment, so I put it at the top.  After I finished, I thought something was missing, so I added hearts.
For the Hero Bird stamp, I made colors that really pop out this time.  For the line of paper going down, I chose paper that matches the feathers and the medal.  For the line of paper that goes across, I chose something that looks like a lot of colors that match.  I outlined it with a nice pink.  Then I put pink with dots for the background.  When I glued it all together, I thought it was pretty good and so did my mom and dad.


  1. these cards are really good kaylie!! i love the colors and the sentiment on the ice cream card!

    good job on your blog so far!!

    please visit my blog if you get a chance. my 8 year old and 10 year old also have a couple cards on my page!



  2. You used one of my favorite ways of using sentiments on the top card. I like to chop them up and make them crooked. That is a very feminine hero bird in purple. Good job on these cards.

    And I like your spelling in your description. No errors that I see. I hope your mom isn't writing for you!

  3. Cora, this is Kaylie's mom. I can assure you that all I'm doing is taking dictation from her, so yes, the spelling is correct. I think it would take her quite some time if she had to do all the typing herself!!! LOL But the words are ALL hers! :-)