I'm 9 years old. My favorite color is hot pink. I started this blog because I really wanted to make cards. I saw Mommy do it all the time and it looked pretty fun. My mom told me I could have my very own blog and I'm so excited that I did it! It's all because of Mommy <3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Hambo Stamps Cards

For the ice cream man stamp, I colored it with colors that matched and blended in.  I outlined almost everything with yellow.  I put Mommy's favorite paper as the line in the middle.  I didn't have room at the bottom for the sentiment, so I put it at the top.  After I finished, I thought something was missing, so I added hearts.
For the Hero Bird stamp, I made colors that really pop out this time.  For the line of paper going down, I chose paper that matches the feathers and the medal.  For the line of paper that goes across, I chose something that looks like a lot of colors that match.  I outlined it with a nice pink.  Then I put pink with dots for the background.  When I glued it all together, I thought it was pretty good and so did my mom and dad.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My First OWH Card

Thanks for visiting me!  This is my first OWH card made all by myself and my first ever blog post on my fantastic new blog. 

Mommy made a special box for kids and grown-ups to donate AnyHero cards at her Operation We R Grateful events in July.  I saw the box and read the sign on top of it.  It looked so fun that I decided to do it right away.  It was very fun.  I used some of my stickers and I used a stamp.  The others I just drew.

Mommy's box:
My card:
My favorite part of the card:
Me putting the card into the special box: